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The best companies go beyond products and services to connect with clients, partners, and employees on a deeper, human level. We are really great at value-added telecommunication solutions and earn our clients’ trust by partnering with worldwide industry leaders. We love the people we work with and work hard to build long-lasting relationships. Meet our team!

Reggie Hilliard

Reginald Hilliard founded TeletechTX to provide unparalleled connectivity and limitless access to industry-leading telecommunication providers for businesses, both large and small. In 2022, Reggie partnered with leading telecom companies to provide world class technology solutions.

As CEO, Reggie guides business development and provides innovative solution-specific technical expertise toward simplifying business technology platforms. He has over 34 years of proven business strategy, sales, management, and branding experience – growing several successful ventures.

Chantelle Kadala

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian Blackshaw

Board Advisor

John Butcher

Board Advisor

Sachin Jain

Board Advisor

Stacy Hulin

Board Advisor

Mike Minchew

Board Advisor